“You armed me with Strength for the Battle” – 2 Samuel 40



The only TRUE hardcore training facility in the DFW Midcities area. There is no other place that you can train hard, use chalk, drop weights, make noise and hear loud motivating music while you workout.

What We Offer

Regular Gym

$3400per Month

True Power CrossFit

$13500per Month


$8500per Month

“Do today what others won’t, So tomorrow
you can do what others can’t.”

                                            -Jerry Rice

Our Experts

David Hampton
David HamptonPersonal Trainer/ Co-Owner
David Hampton is co-owner of Metroflex Gym Midcities and has a passion for helping people get into shape in a short period of time.
Lory Hampton
Lory HamptonPersonal Trainer/ Co-Owner
Lory Hampton is co-owner of Metroflex Gym Midcities and is no stranger to the gym environment and has completed her training with ISSA.


In April of 2010, I suffered a complete fracture of my left leg requiring 3 major surgeries and the use of several bolts and a plate to hold my leg together. In July of the same year I had my last surgery and was advised by the surgeon and the physical therapist that it would take 4 months to walk. Two weeks later I limped in to Metroflex Midcities. All I could do was walk from my car to the front desk and had to sit down. My first day I walked 9 minutes at half a mile pace on the treadmill. In an age of air conditioned “globo” gyms, Metroflex is the real deal. This is the real deal hard-core gym that actually gives each and every client one on one personal attention. The owner asked me what I needed and actually got me equipment to help me with my rehab. The atmosphere in the gym fosters serious camaraderie and a fierce work ethic. After 4 months of training at Metroflex, I just finished a 5K race, have gained 20 lbs of serious muscle and caused my Physical Therapist to shake his head in disbelief. If I had to put Metroflex in one simple word, the only word I could think of is RESULTS. Come on down and train at Metroflex….the life you might change is yours.
Zak Singh
Finally a gym that truly offers what is needed to gain muscle. Iron everywhere with over 7000 lbs. of weights throughout the gym, you can literally never run out of weight. They have everything you need to get big, and no rules; lift barefooted, no shirt, do as you please. They make it feel like it is your personal gym. If you are looking for a place to take your strength to the next level this is the place to go. Equipment is everything you need to gain true mass and strength, loud music, hardcore atmosphere, and great lifters are what surround you. So take yourself to the next level and get METROFLEX-ED
Nick Brady
This is a truly amazing facility. I have played sports all of my life, so consequently, I have always been a gym rat. Metroflex reminds me a lot of the gym I came up in: Iron weights, central A/C and a group of guys that really like to get after it. There is nothing plush or comfortable about it! It’s a true hard core gym (hot, sweaty and filled with the echoes of yelling and slamming weights)!
The GET SWOLE CLUB (GSC) had become complacent with our previous gym. We went mainly for the convenience. But waiting on equipment, the constant side conversations and constant reminders to not drop the heavy weights quickly became a thing of the past. When we heard a Metroflex was opening up near by, we were all chopping at the bit to get it there. And I must say, it is everything a hard core gym rat could ask for.
If you want to find out what you are made of… COME STEP INTO THE IRON JUNGLE! Come to Metroflex Gym Mid cities!! Because THIS AIN’T NO D*MN COUNTRY CLUB!!!
Chris Boyce